Shadows of Novalia
The Novus Imperium was believed to be only a tall tale, with any attacks on the Orbital Union blamed on local Insurgents. That all changed when the Neptune Research Settlement went dark and out of now where, they attacked. Unknown to Mankind, the Novus Imperium's presence in the outer system is fueled by their personal agenda to find the gate, a powerful tool left behind by the Divine Ones. What this means is very unknown but one thing is certain, all the enemy leaves in its wake is merciless destruction but humanity is ready to fight back! Lock and Load Marines!
5/26/17: The site has been set to be an 18+ board for adult writers and rules have been set for the occasion. Please note that this is subject to many changes as the board evolves over time. Rule 6 under RPG Conduct is up, go read it!
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