Shadows of Novalia
The Novus Imperium was believed to be only a tall tale, with any attacks on the Orbital Union blamed on local Insurgents. That all changed when the Neptune Research Settlement went dark and out of now where, they attacked. Unknown to Mankind, the Novus Imperium's presence in the outer system is fueled by their personal agenda to find the gate, a powerful tool left behind by the Divine Ones. What this means is very unknown but one thing is certain, all the enemy leaves in its wake is merciless destruction but humanity is ready to fight back! Lock and Load Marines!
5/26/17: The site has been set to be an 18+ board for adult writers and rules have been set for the occasion. Please note that this is subject to many changes as the board evolves over time. Rule 6 under RPG Conduct is up, go read it!
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Shadows of Novalia latest news: Imperium BETA Apps
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Imperium BETA Apps
Stargazer || Mar 31 2017, 07:31 PM
Alerts are board wide announcements explaining story progression and overall updates to the forum when the staff makes any changes or edits.
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The Maps
Stargazer || Feb 1 2017, 10:21 AM
The HoloDex is a collection of important topics from the story to the rules and much more. Members may find information on the various things like character races and faction notes, which helps in character creation and story progression.
9 topics || 5 replies
Need an Activity Boost
Stargazer || Apr 17 2017, 02:42 PM
Got questions? Maybe you need to confirm something about the content or even suggest something about the board? Post a topic here! Guest questions allowed!
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The purpose of content Decisions is to allow more member involved suggestions, if you think something from new tech to a slight modification in site lore will help, then please bring it up! There is no set form for suggesting stuff but please give enough details.
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Eirik Tennfjord
Stargazer || Jun 22 2017, 11:48 AM
Please apply any and all character applications here for staff review, there is a form provided within for everyones use.
13 topics || 14 replies
[Approved] Patriarch
Stargazer || Apr 20 2017, 08:11 AM
The Equipment forum is a place for members to customize their characters weapons and equipment to help achieve better efficiency in operations.
3 topics || 3 replies
Krakatoa Class
Stargazer || Mar 30 2017, 09:54 AM
The Harbor is full of ships that the military is using, these are powerful weapons and gear that one really should pay attention too.
22 topics || 14 replies
UMC Protocols & Regulat...
Dutchy || May 25 2017, 08:26 AM
The Briefing room is for soldiers and citizens to plot their stories, create situations that help propel the story and just generally look for needed character apps.
10 topics || 6 replies
Reporting for Duty
Jack Forrester || Apr 4 2017, 08:57 AM
Earth, the birthplace of humanity and where everything started. If was after many of the planets nations declared the establishment of the Orbital Union that they set foot into space and began the colonization of Mars and many outlaying regions.
1 topics || 10 replies
Tested Resolve
Samuel Walker || Apr 26 2017, 11:44 AM
Mars was colonized sometime before the establishment of the Jump Relay lanes that allow people to travel between the planets. The world has a main city on the surface which is home to nearly 500,000 residents both as basic civilians and engineers for the development of Martian Life. The air is breathable but it will be some time before the atmosphere is completely free of toxins.
1 topics || 6 replies
Warehouse Bust
Samuel Walker || Jun 4 2017, 07:53 AM
Jupiter is still considered a dangerous place to colonize but thanks to its moons, there are settlements that have been built in order to create new colonies and mine the resources within the Jovian Sphere. Jupiter is considered an Insurgent Nightmare considering they're propaganda has turned the Europian Colony into a pool of divided loyalties.
1 topics || 0 replies
Eager Pursuit
Keith Lambert || Jun 11 2017, 09:16 AM
Saturn is one of the furthest places any settlement has ever been built, the discovery of more resources would mean the establishment of a new colony. The Saturn Region is very vast and since it is a long way from even Jupiter, there are only two Jump Relay Systems in operation here.
2 topics || 85 replies
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This forum describes the worlds that are a part of the Novus Imperium which their solar system lays nearly 120 light years from Earths. These worlds include Novalia, capital of the Imperium and Fangalia which is home to the Fang and Satari.
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|| --
For those threads that do not take place near any specific location. If you need a place where no planets are in sight or just want a battlefield for no reason, this forum is the place to post those.
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|| --
Speak here about anything from video games to random subjects on your mind, please avoid subjects about religion or politics as these things can become a battlefield of their own.
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New members should introduce themselves, its a great way to meet everyone! Please also use this section for absence notes.
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Shinobi Generations
Drak || Jun 21 2017, 03:27 PM
Advertise here! All forum hosts are welcome so long as you have a guest friendly forum for a link back. For return links, please post in the sub board!
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Valen - Updated aff button
Stargazer || Apr 2 2017, 01:41 PM
Do you want to drop a mini banner exchange for us? Do so here, the application can be found inside. You can find our button HERE! Please read the guidelines, it will make the exchange must easier.
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