Shadows of Novalia
The Novus Imperium was believed to be only a tall tale, with any attacks on the Orbital Union blamed on local Insurgents. That all changed when the Neptune Research Settlement went dark and out of now where, they attacked. Unknown to Mankind, the Novus Imperium's presence in the outer system is fueled by their personal agenda to find the gate, a powerful tool left behind by the Divine Ones. What this means is very unknown but one thing is certain, all the enemy leaves in its wake is merciless destruction but humanity is ready to fight back! Lock and Load Marines!
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 The Story, Very Important Read!
Jan 26 2017, 10:56 AM
There was no reason to believe the anyone would ever meet alien life within our Solar System. The project to expand colonized the regions around Earth and Martian Orbits creating a couple of colonies and resource depots not only for expanded living but for increased resource back-ups. The majority of Earth was unified under the flag of the Orbital Union which also gave birth to the Unified Military Command as a result of security issues in space. Their ever growing power through out the solar system from the Martian Colonies to Saturn's resource settlements brought about opposition from anti-government activists. The promise of a free world without limitations on regional resources caused friction between radical groups and as a result, brought about the Insurgency War. Despite efforts to fight them, Anti-Government groups bring the Union high amounts of grief; this included supply thefts, the occupation of civilian centers and the destruction of military assets. With the problem of the Insurgency within the Jupiter and Saturn settlements, no one would assume that a new enemy could be just around the corner.

In SCE 51, the Neptune Research Settlement goes dark; under the assumption that the Insurgents have attacked the orbital settlement colony, the UMC responds in force. The 6th Battle Group, famous for their efficient operations in anti-terrorist operations, arrives at Neptune to find the settlement completely destroyed and a startling revelation of a hostile alien force. The 6th Battle Group is completely defeated with a single surviving ship, the UMC Dandelion returning with critical damage and nearly all of its crew dead or critically injured. Rendered in a state of disbelief, lock down of the outer regions of our solar system from Jupiter to Mars has been established to protect everyone. It hasn't been made public since the lock down was put in place, but the Novus Imperium has arrived, all forces have been called into service and that includes the Top Secret Initiative, Project APEX. The enemy's capabilities are unknown and while it seems they aren't difficult to fight, this just might be a loosing fight.
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Jan 27 2017, 05:37 PM
The Timeline

Before Common Era
  • 2100 AD: The Completion of the Earth Sphere Colonies is marked, this results in the establishment of the Orbital Union in which much of the Earth becomes one unified world government. Some remain as independent nations but OU Support is offered regardless.
  • 2122 AD: The Orbital Union creates the first atmosphere converter system in response to Project Martian which results in the terraform of Mars into a breathable atmosphere.
  • 2125 AD: Expeditions to Jupiter bring back evidence of precious metals and resources from the surface of Jupiter's Moon, Io. Because of the distance it is from Earth, Mars becomes a resource gathering point in order to distribute these precious resources.
  • 2142 AD: The Development of the Jump Relay results in the creation of Jump Lanes, special routed coordinates for better travel between Earth, Mars and Jupiter.
  • 2150 AD: The Orbital Union leads the Solar System in the first known operations of the Tri-Systems Administration, an interplanetary United Nations responsible for space policies and international lawmaking between the different worlds.
Standard Common Era
  • SCE 05: Prosperity of the Solar System is brought into question by several individual parties among the Martian and Jovian worlds. The Tri-Systems Administration becomes increasingly defensive due to higher mercenary and space bandit crime levels around the Martian Sphere.
  • SCE 08: The Titan Mining Colony on Saturn, Saturnus Prime, has come online and has begun the process of immigration of families with engineering and general labor backgrounds. At the same time, the Orbital Union secretly establishes the Red Shield Organization which becomes their special forces for any and all covert operations against anti-government forces.
  • SCE 11: Tesla Innovations, a space exploration and research organization, begins detecting space anomalies in received radio and radiation waves outside of the Solar System. Believed to originate from Planet Axis-8100FD in the direction of the Pegasus Star Constellation, advanced probes are sent out in that direction in order to investigate.
  • SCE 16: Due to increased activity in mercenary and piracy groups, the Orbital Union and TSA establish the Unified Military Command initially as a security force to protect areas around Jupiter and Saturn. This increase in armed force to fight criminal organizations brings worry to some citizens of the Solar System but insurances into upscale purposes is given to avoid public discouragement of space travel.
  • SCE 25: Tesla Innovations discovery of alien life beyond the Human Solar System brings the Red Shield Forces to censor the data in response to possible public scrutiny. Upon further investigation, it is realized that this civilization is possibly hostile from the destruction of all five probes sent. More probes are sent in order to confirm the suspicions.
  • SCE 27: A Shipyard is constructed and placed into active service on Io, construction of ships and equipment commences at this location which is later named The Star of Io. Though public opinion of the upgrades to a full on military force is negative, it forces insurgent groups to become more active and open with their attacks. Later this same year, the Shipyard is attacked in order to put a stop to it but UMC forces protect the facility.
  • SCE 30: The Red Shield begins the establishment of APEX Project upon confirming their suspicions of a hostile force approaching Solar System. Candidates of the project are selected from the UMC and certain civilian organizations like Orphan Houses.
  • SCE 32: Displeased with the lawmaking of the Orbital Union and Tri-Systems Administration, Insurgent Groups made of Mercenary and Space Pirates begin to spread propaganda across the Saturn and Jupiter Colonies which immediately gains the attention of the Union. In order to prevent an uprising, the UMC is sent in to provide increased security across Jupiter and Saturn.
  • SCE 33: The Neptune Research Station known as Settlement Orpheus has been completed in order to begin study of the gas worlds Neptune and Uranus. The Settlement, due to population efforts, also constructs a second habitat unit for immigrants and even a hidden Red Shield security station.
  • SCE 37: Insurgent Groups make blow to UMC forces on Europa, Jupiter's Ice Moon. Destroying equipment and procuring supplies of military weapons and gear brings the Union and TSA increase the military's firepower outside of civilian eyes. On October 6th, Tesla Innovation develops the first working Pulse Jump System, an FTL system that works outside of the Jump Relay Systems but consumes more power.
  • SCE 48: Project APEX produces its first two sets of Apex Super Soldiers, their identities are made secret to avoid public issues and problematic organizations like environment groups from attacking the project. Though it is against Insurgent Groups around Jupiter and Saturn, their first deployments make the Apex Soldiers valuable to ending the unrest of these anti-government groups.
  • SCE 51: Establishing a Warning System twenty million miles from Pluto, the Red Shield discovers that a Hostile Force sits just outside the unknown solar system. Warning the Union of this hostile presence does not go well and the evidence is considered disproved by the Union and the UMC as a whole.
  • SCE 51, March: Emergency messages from Settlement Orpheus have been received by Saturnus Prime and relayed to the TSA. Though the Red Shield does its best to convince TSA Council of the enemy force that just attacked, all assumptions are placed on the Insurgency. As of March 21st, the 6th Fleet consisting of eight vessels heads for Neptune.
  • SCE 51, April: Arriving on April 5th, the 6th fleet encounters the Novus Imperium Vanguard Fleet. An advanced and very powerful hostile force surrounding the Settlement, they attack the 6th fleet unprovoked and the battle ensues the entire region above Neptune. The 6th Fleet suffers critical casualties and is forced to retreat with a single surviving ship arriving back to Jupiter. The UMC Dandelion is decommissioned and its survivors hailed as heroes by the UMC and Orbital Union, but as a result the entire UMC is placed on high alert status on June 2nd.
  • SCE 51, June: The APEX Project is placed under scrutiny by the main Orbital Union Government for its secret creation of super soldiers through the use of orphaned teenagers. However, the argument to use such available individuals strikes a small understanding of why it was done. In order to prevent further creation of what the Union considers “Children Soldiers”, polices that force even The Red Shield to conform are approved across all worlds. On June 28th, the Orpheus Contingency is put in place should the Novus Imperium begin its attacks on any of the solar systems worlds.
  • SCE 51, July: July 4th, the Novus Imperium has been detected past Uranus and the fleets are ready. Apex Soldiers have been assigned to each fleet as well as the surface forces for Mars and Earth.
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